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We have put together a great selection of cellphones that you can get for FREE and here you can check the monthly plans from where you to choose to go from.

Table of Contents
1.Subscription Information
2.Activation Procedure

1.Subscription Information

  • We will send the cellphone for FREE to your house or work
  • If you need a charger it costs only 10,000Won
  • The contract period will be for 24 months
  • The subscription fee will cost 7920Won x 5 months and it will be shown on your monthly statements
  • Monthly Plans you can choose from
    • Max 29: 29,000Won: 160 minutes local (1688free 160mins)
    • Max 35: 35,000Won: 250 minutes local (1688free 250mins)
    • Max 45: 45,000Won: 350 minutes local (1688free 350mins)
    • Max 55: 55,000Won: 450 minutes local (1688free 450mins)
    • Max 65: 65,000Won: 600 minutes local (1688free 600mins)
  • If you just want to cancel the plan, it will cost 140,000Won- deducting usage months
  • For more calling plans, please visit TWorld’s website.

2. Activation Procedure

  1. Scan your:
    1. ID(front and back)
    2. bank account book number or credit card number (Korean credit card)
  2. Email with the following:
    1. Cellphone model you choose
    2. A scanned copy of your passport.
    3. 4 digits number you would like to apply to your phone number
    4. Your address and your room number if you stay at the hotel
    5. Payment method (bank transfer or credit card)
  3. Phone will be delivered to your area within 3 working days.
  4. Payment: Credit card or Cash